The World Health Organization (WHO): published a study in 1987 stating that the magnetic strengths typically used in magnetic therapy do not have any detrimental effect on the human body.
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I have had a good result with this bracelet. After 3 weeks of wearing it I had an MRI scan which came up with nothing. I am pain free and do not need to take medication for Arthritis.
Mr. Ajayab  , 26/10/2013
I recently purchased a Bio Magnetic bracelet. I am a retierd have been doing labour  work but after pralysis my leg and hand were not working properly. it was observed that after reguler use of Bio-Magnetic bracelet my condition were starts improving properly and are in movement. Itís an excellent products and it works 100% I was very impressed.
Radhekrishna Sooburg 22/09/2013 Mauritius
I am a migraine patient and need to tack rest more than the normal. this results more leave from my company which affects my profestional life. the movement i tack medicine feeling good for surtan time period but after that pain starts again. I have had great results from my bracelet. Now I feel healthy and energetic. Thank you!
Mr. Ashwin K (Telecome) 07/03/2013 India

"As a diabetic on insulin I suffer from neuropathy and terrible pains in my feet. Since wearing a Bio Magnetic Bracelet  I no longer have the foot pain. even now no need to tack insulin. I would recommend a  to all diabetics with the same condition."
Narayani 14/11/2013
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