The World Health Organization (WHO): published a study in 1987 stating that the magnetic strengths typically used in magnetic therapy do not have any detrimental effect on the human body.
Magnatic Power with new technology Braclet is certify with SGS Certificat.

Magnets in joint straps and bracelets are supposed to reduce joint pain by increasing blood flow, oxygenating tissues or adjusting your body’s electromagnetic energy balance. Some claim that magnets have to be on the affected joint, while others claim a bodywide effect from a single device worn on the wrist.

Ads and websites usually reference a handful of studies that found patients using magnets reported greater pain reduction than the placebo group. What they usually fail to mention is that the placebo group also reported pain reduction, which suggests that most of the effect of these devices is either wishful or the result of natural healing.

Claims that magnets will reduce pain or inflammation or promote healing in any way are based on bad, biased or nonexistent's prove one technology with scientist
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