Economical Life Freedom founded by Hon. Mr. P. S. Dubey. more than 1 billion in total sales, ELF is committed to becoming "The Worldwide Leader in Healthy and safty life".
In the life of every person his aim is the growth of personality and improves the standard of living. With this thought we have opened our company worldwide.
The company's CMD thinks that if every person strengthens his economy development with growth and personality then no one can stop country's development. And if every country will concentrate on their own development then less time will be taken for the world to develop.  
ELF is faith on every one have a right to live helthy and safty in this world..they complite the all needs and dreams....ELF main moto to give economicaly freedom to all people.
With talented Marketing Executives compensated for sharing The Challenge with others, ELF has achieved record growth and been listed as an Inc. 500 company. ELF prides itself in rewarding its Leaders better than any Direct Selling company and enjoying the "economical freedom life " with them. Not only does ELF have the easiest qualifying program in Direct Selling, but we have a phenomenal plan to take our Leaders on the greatest achivments in the world!
ELF is on a mission to make the world a healthier place and reward everyone who joins on this incredible journey with the lifestyle of their dreams! Find out what Living the ELF is all about!
If we have health, we have wealth and if we have wealth, we have health..and only if we are in safety there is health and wealth. Keeping this in mind our company has launched unique products like BIO MAGNETIC BRASLET and GAS SAFE and many more health related products.
With the help of these products we are providing health, safety and business opportunity to our society.
As a ELF distributor, you'll share immune support products and a fantastic financial opportunity with others. You can start your business with a minimum investment and begin receiving commission payments within your first month. Enjoy the freedom to choose how to spend your time and pursue your financial dreams as a ELF distributor.
Foundation ELF, is committed to service activities that addresses community needs wherever ELF conducts business around the world.

Let's grow togather ,Every day, in every way, ELF is with you, Building People through science, success, and service.

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